[Completed: 2022-07-11] Deprecation of Bank Statements endpoint

On July 11, 2022 we will be deprecating the Bank Statements endpoint. The data currently available from the Bank Statements endpoint can instead be retrieved using the Bank Accounts endpoints.

Action required

Update your code to query banking data from the relevant Bank Accounts endpoint(s) instead of the Bank Statements endpoint. Use the bankAccounts and bankTransactions datatypes.
Disable Bank Statement syncs, and enable Bank Accounts and/or Bank Transactions instead.

Expected impact if no action is taken

Any calls to POST companies/{id}/data/queue/bankStatements or GET companies/{id}data/bankStatements will fail with a 404 Error.
Any scheduled syncs for Bank Statement data will fail.
You will also no longer be able to queue syncs for the bankStatements datatype.