[Completed: 2022-07-11] Preserving integration line item ordering (Accounting datatypes only)

On July 11, 2022 we will be changing line item ordering logic on all accounting and commerce datatypes. From this date the ordering from the original accounting or commerce package will be preserved. Prior to this change, Codat assigned line items an arbitrary but unchanging order.

Action required

Update any code or business process that relies on current arbitrary/fixed ordering of line items. Note, ordering may change (from Codat assigned order to accounting/commerce source ordering) when data is synced again for an existing Company/Connection after July 11, 2022.

Expected impact if no action is taken

Nothing, unless you rely on the current ordering for any business processes.

Additional information

Impacted endpoints/datatypes (any datatype containing line items):


  • Account transactions
  • Bills
  • Bill Credit Notes
  • Bill payments
  • Credit notes
  • Customers
  • Direct costs
  • Direct incomes
  • Invoices
  • Journal entries
  • Payments
  • Purchase orders
  • Suppliers


  • Customers
  • Disputes
  • Orders
  • Products