[Upcoming: 2023-04-10] Deprecation of legacy bank account endpoints

On April 10, 2023, Codat will deprecate legacy bankAccount endpoints.

Over recent months, we have extended and improved bank data handling in the Codat API, with new endpoints for accessing bankAccount and bankTransaction data.

The following endpoints will be deprecated:

GET /companies/{companyId}/data/bankAccounts,
GET /companies/{companyId}/data/bankAccounts/{accountId},
GET ​/companies​/{companyId}​/data​/bankAccounts​/{accountId}​/transactions.

Action required

If you are using either of the above endpoints, you will need to instead use the following endpoints:
GET /companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/data/bankAccounts,
GET /companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/data/bankAccounts/{accountId},
GET ​/companies​/{companyId}​/connections​/{connectionId}​/data​/bankAccounts​/{accountId}​/bankTransactions.

Expected impact if no action is taken

After April 10, 2023, calls to the deprecated endpoints will return a 404 error.

  "statusCode": 404,
  "service": "PublicApi",
  "error": "NotFound",
  "correlationId": "2b60a2bafedd3238702c2186a2dc833f",
  "canBeRetried": "Unknown",
  "detailedErrorCode": 0


You can get ahead of this change by enabling it now in the Portal. Learn how to do that here, or read our change policy here.