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What is Codat?

Codat is the universal API for small business data. We provide real-time connectivity to enable software providers and financial institutions to build integrated products for their small business customers.

Small businesses run on many different platforms. Codat gives these platforms a standard way to connect with each other so they can move data around seamlessly at scale.

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API Reference

Jump in and explore the Codat API using our hosted Swagger collection.


Having trouble? Explore our troubleshooting articles and get the help you need from our Support Team. You can also click the "Support" icon in the bottom right to raise a case with our support team direct from our documentation!

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Make smarter credit decisions on your small business customers.

Assess enriches your customer's accounting, commerce and banking data to surface actionable insights you didn't have before!

Read our guide to getting started with Assess here.

Sync for Commerce

Building to lots of different APIs does not scale.

With Sync for Commerce, you send a merchant's data without worrying about which accounting platform they use.

Read more and find out how to get started here.

Standardized Integrations

With Codat's Accounting, Commerce, & Open Banking APIs, white labelled Link solution and configuration tools you can quickly integrate to over 30 integrations to serve your clients needs.

Start by reading our guide to linking your first company here.

Key Concepts

Understand the key concepts & terminology used throughout our documentation


Companies and their Data Connections are at the heart of Codat - find out more about how to create and use them.


Learn how to set up and configure Codat's suite of over 30 integrations to connect to your customers Accounting, Sales and Banking data.

Data Model

Get started exploring our accounting, commerce and banking data models, including invoices, bills, customers, suppliers and more.

User Management

Learn how to invite additional users to your instance and configure SSO for your Codat Account.

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