Set up your Kashoo integration


Kashoo API keys for new connections

Due to essential development on their API, Kashoo are not currently providing API keys for any new connections.

Kashoo is a cloud accounting platform with financial tools specifically designed and built for small business owners. Based in Vancouver, Kashoo have customers in over 180 countries.

Before you can access data from customers using Kashoo for their accounting, you need to set up a Kashoo integration in the Codat Portal. You’ll need to:

  • Register a new application with Kashoo.
  • Wait for Kashoo to send through your secure keys.
  • Add your secure keys to the Codat Portal.

We also recommend that you test your integration using a trial Kashoo account.

Codat supports both Kashoo 2.0 and Classic application versions.

Register your application

Currently Kashoo doesn’t support online registrations, so you’ll need to send an email to [email protected] that includes the following details:

  • App name – A short name for your app. Your customers will see this when they authorise your connection to their data.
  • Description – A short description of what your app does that mentions Codat. For example: “As lenders, we’ll connect to our customers’ accounts to view or update them using Codat’s Kashoo integration”.
  • Re-direct URI – Customers are redirected to this URL after the authorise you app connection. For a Codat integration you must use

Wait for your secure keys

Kashoo will issue secure keys to you, including a client ID and client secret. It may take a number of working days to receive these details.

Add your secure keys to Codat

  1. Open the Codat Portal and log in.
  2. Go to Integrations > Accounting.
  3. Scroll down the list until you find Kashoo, and select the Manage button next to it.
  4. Paste in the Client ID and Client Secret values from Kashoo.
  5. Select Save to complete your integration set up.
  6. Enable your integration. Go back to Integrations > Accounting, and use the toggle to update the Kashoo integration from Disabled to Enabled.

Your Kashoo integration is now set up. Read Kashoo limits to understand how the application controls the data requests.

Test your integration

Codat recommends that you test your integration before sending Link URLs to customers.

  1. Sign up for a Kashoo account. The account has a 14 day free, trial period. Although you're asked to link bank accounts, just skip this option.
  2. Create some data within the application, for example, some invoices.
  3. In the Codat portal where you've enabled your integration, create a test company.
  4. Still in the Codat portal, find the Link URL for your test company. Next to the company name, select View Link URL.
  5. Use the Link URL to connect your Kashoo account. Select Kashoo from Link, and allow access to your test account data.
  6. Make sure that any data in your application is displayed in Codat Portal for your test company.


Payments and invoices without customers

Kashoo allows you to create payments and invoices without associating them with customers. In your Codat data, these items will have a:

  • CustomerName of Customer not specified.

  • Id of NullId.

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