MYOB AccountRight and Essentials

You can synchronize accounting and banking data with MYOB AccountRight and Essentials using our MYOB AccountRight and Essentials integration.

Data type coverage

View the coverage of our MYOB AccountRight and Essentials integration in the Data Coverage Explorer.

Set up the integration

See Set up MYOB AccountRight and Essentials to learn how to set up and enable the integration.


MYOB AccountRight or Essentials?

MYOB have migrated their Essentials API to a new version. The new version will be using the AccountRight API. You can read more about the update on MYOB website.

The new Essentials will use the same API as their AccountRight Live platform. Therefore, you only need to carry out the setup described below once to gain access to both accounting packages.

Some users may still be on the old, non-migrated version of MYOB Essentials that uses a legacy API. If your customer is unable to connect using the new unified integration, please reach out to our support team who will be able to assist you.

Supported versions


Using MYOB AccountRight and Essentials integration

Company data must be stored in the cloud, not on a local machine.

  • All tiers are supported: Standard, Plus, and Premier.
  • We are able to link AccountRight companies stored in the cloud as long as the company file runs on a version supported by MYOB. See MYOB's support policy here.

Field coverage for MYOB AccountRight and Essentials

Codat's data model aims to support as many fields as possible from providers' objects and data types. In some cases, it's not possible to support every provider field. For example, a provider's API might not grant access to some fields.

The following table highlights selected fields that are not available in data pulled and pushed from MYOB AccountRight and Essentials.

Codat field

Provider field (MYOB)




Negative unit amounts in line items are not supported in Codat's data model. If Lines.Amount is negative, the unitAmount is positive and the quantity is set to -1 .



Categories are not available in MYOB Essentials.



Not available in the provider's API.



Not available in the provider's API.

* Direct incomes are mapped from Receive money transactions in MYOB.

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