Introduction to Codat's accounting integrations

Codat’s accounting integrations allow you to easily pull up-to-date accounting data from your customers' accounting software as well as push data to their software. Please see our Accounting data model for details on the types of data you can pull and push.

You can use Codat's Sandbox integration to start exploring the data you can work with, without any set up (other than enabling the integration).

If you've got an existing integration that you'd like to migrate to Codat, we can migrate tokens for most OAuth integrations.

How do I set up and enable accounting integrations?

Most accounting software providers require you to register with them before you're able to access data from their platform via Codat. In most cases, this is free and should only take a few minutes.

The specific steps and requirements vary but we've detailed them all in the set up pages below, such as Set up QuickBooks Online and Set up Xero.

Supported accounting software

Codat's integrations are able to connect to the following accounting software. You can see more information, including set up instructions and the data types you can pull and push using each integration, by clicking through to the documentation for it.



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