Push bank transactions from QBO to Codat

When an SMB customer has connected one or more bank accounts to QBO, you can push bank transactions from a connected account to Codat (one account at a time). To identify a customer's connected bank accounts, see Retrieve data connections in "Set up your QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds integration".


Pushing historic and future bank feeds

Codat does not currently support pushing historic (backdated) or future (future-dated) bank feeds to QBO.

Make the following requests to the Codat API. All push requests are asynchronous.

  1. Push bank transactions to an SMB customer's connected bank account using the Create bank transactions endpoint. Note that:

    • You can only push bank transactions to one connected account at a time.
    • Bank transactions must be pushed in chronological order.
    • Bank transactions can't be older than the most recent transaction available on the destination bank account.
    • Bank transactions must have a date set to the prior or current day.
    • Up to 1000 bank transactions can be pushed at a time.
    POST https://api.codat.io/companies/COMPANY_ID/connections/CONNECTION_ID/push/bankAccounts/ACCOUNT_ID/bankTransactions

    Example request body (all fields are mandatory):

        "accountId": "482342-acc-001",
        "transactions": [
                "id": "7832323211-GIF",
                "amount": 450,
                "balance": 2000,
                "date": "2022-08-30T17:05:12.191Z",
                "description": "events-hospitality"
                "id": "7832323211-SDC",
                "amount": 730,
                "balance": 2730,
                "date": "2022-08-31T11:06:49.191Z",
                "description": "corporate-training"

    The balance of the last bank transaction in the array is used to update the balance of the specified bank account.

  2. If the data is valid, the endpoint returns a push operation with a status of Pending (202). If the push completes successfully, this changes to Success.

  3. Repeat the request for the remainder of the SMB customer's connected bank accounts.

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