SMB customer: Connects their chosen bank accounts to QBO

When the SMB customer visits the linkUrl returned in Create a Company and data connection, they're directed to the QBO Bank Feeds Link site. Here, they can generate a one-time username and password for connecting one or more bank accounts to QuickBooks Online.

Link can be custom branded with your company logo and colors.

Summary of SMB customer steps

To connect their bank accounts to QBO, your SMB customer performs the following steps in the QBO Bank Feeds Link site and their QBO account:

  1. Selects the Intuit QuickBooks Bank Feeds tile, then clicks Next.

    Link flow QBO Bank FeedsLink flow QBO Bank Feeds

  2. On the Connect to QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds step, reviews the requested permissions, then clicks Next.

  3. On the Set up QuickBooks bank feeds page, they click Generate credentials to reveal their one-time username and password.

    Generate credentialsGenerate credentials

  4. Your SMB customer then does the following in QuickBooks Online:

    1. Selects Transactions > Banking, then clicks Link account.
    2. Selects your organization (that is, the bank feeds provider) from the list of institutions.
    3. Agrees to the terms and conditions.
    4. Enters their one-time username and password into the corresponding fields and completes the authentication prompt.
    5. Selects one or more bank accounts to connect to QBO for viewing bank feeds (they can choose from the list of accounts you provided in step two of Create a Company and data connection).
    6. In the dropdown that appears, selects the account type—the chart of accounts—that they want to view bank feeds for.

Your SMB customer has now successfully connected their chosen bank accounts to QuickBooks Online. The status of the data connection is set to Linked, which allows you to push bank feeds to Codat for the SMB customer.

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