QuickBooks Online

Codat supports pulling and pushing of QuickBooks Online accounting data using the QuickBooks Online integration.

The following tables summarize the datatypes that Codat can pull and push from QuickBooks Online.

What data can Codat pull from QuickBooks Online?

What data can Codat push to QuickBooks Online?

If there's data you'd like to pull or push that isn't currently supported, please suggest it or vote for it on our product roadmap.

Field coverage for QuickBooks Online

Codat's data model aims to support as many fields as possible from providers' objects and data types. In some cases, it's not possible to support every provider field. For example, a provider's API might not grant access to some fields.

The following table highlights selected fields that are not available in data pulled and pushed from QuickBooks Online.

Codat data type

Provider field


Bank transactions

Bank account number

Not available. QuickBooks Online API does not currently provide this information.

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