Sage Intacct

Pull and push accounting data from Sage Intacct using the Codat Sage Intacct integration.

Sage Intacct is Sage's cloud platform aimed at growing mid-market companies.

Supported data types and operations

The following table shows which data types and operations are supported by the Sage Intacct integration.

* Invoices include sales invoices and invoices for AR manual deposits, but not vendor invoices.
* Push payments includes advances (ARADVANCE objects). To push payments to Sage Intacct, Automatic Payment Summaries must be configured.
* Pull transfers includes voided Fund Transfers and corresponding reversal transactions. In Codat, the reversal transaction for a voided transfer is positive, with a status of void.

For more details about the supported data types and operations, see Sage Intacct integration reference.

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