Set up Sage Intacct

Integrating with Sage Intacct requires you to either be, or work with, a Sage Intacct Developer Partner. Codat is pleased to be a Sage Intacct Partner and our enterprise clients are able to use our credentials to enable this integration if desired. Alternatively, you can use your own Sage Intacct Partner credentials to enable the integration.

If you would like to become a Sage Intacct partner, please complete the form on their website here.

Enter credentials & enable the integration

  1. Log into the Codat portal in UAT or Production
  2. From the 'Integrations' menu choose 'Accounting', and find Sage Intacct on the list. Click the 'Manage' button.
  3. If you have registered with the Sage Intacct Developer Programme, on the credentials page enter your Sage Intacct Developer Sender ID and Sender Password. If you are an enterprise client who would like to work with Codat as your development partner, please contact your Account Manager who will pre-fill these for you.
  4. Optionally, also select if you would like links with Sage Intacct to be continuous, or one-time syncs only.
  5. Return to the integrations page, and toggle the integration to enabled.

Test your integration

We recommend that you test your integration before sending link URLs to customers. You'll need your own Sage Intacct account to do this.

  1. Set up some test data in your Sage Intacct account.
  2. Next, go to the Codat Portal where you've enabled your integration and create a test company.
  3. Find the link URL for your test company. Select Request Data next to the company name, and go to the URL.
  4. Use the link URL to connect your Sage Intacct account.
    • When the link site opens, select Sage Intacct, and then select Continue to Sage Intacct.
    • Follow the instructions to connect your Sage Intacct account.
  5. Make sure that test data from your account is displayed for your test company in the Codat Portal.


Guidance for connecting companies

Before linking their accounts, your customers will need to make a note of their Company ID and create a Web Services Username and Password.

To do so they should:

  1. In their Sage Intacct instance, navigate to Company > General information and make a note of the ID.
  2. Navigate to Company > Admin > Subscriptions and toggle Web Services on.
  3. Navigate to Company > Setup tab > Configuration > Company > Security, and click Edit. Then scroll to the Web Services authorizations section and add your Sender ID with status Active.
  4. Navigate to Company > Admin > Users, roles & groups, and click the + sign beside Web Services users. Use a valid email address to create a user ID. Make sure that the has admin rights in the Roles information section.

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