Sage 50 (UK)

Codat supports Sage 50 accounts (UK) for versions from 2018 onwards (v24+). This is in line with Sage's software lifecycle policy.

Please see a full list of supported versions below. We aim for this list to be as comprehensive and up to date as possible. If there are any issues with the listed versions or you would like to register your interest in support for these packages, please contact [email protected]

Supported versions

Codat support versions 24, 25, 26, 27 of Sage 50c Accounts Standard & Professional.

Unsupported versions

The Codat connector is not compatible with non-UK versions of Sage 50.

Note: The following UK versions are not supported:

  • Construction for Sage 50
  • Sage 50 HR
  • Sage Instant Accounts (formerly Sage 50 Instant Accounts)
  • Abila Fundraising 50 (formerly Sage 50 Fundraising)

Supported operating systems

The Codat Sage 50 Connector is supported for Sage 50 (UK) running on Windows 10 with the latest service pack(s) installed.

Users have successfully run the connector on older versions of Windows; however, we do not officially support this due to Microsoft's withdrawal of support for these operating systems.

The connector will not run on Mac OS.

Hosted environment support

The Sage 50 connector is designed to work in local environments only, where a Windows user logs on to the computer they use to access Sage 50 (UK). It is not designed or supported for use in hosted environments, for example, if your customer uses Online50 to access their Sage 50 accounts (UK) software.

Firewall rules

The Sage 50 connector communicates over port 443 to URLs hosted on in production and in UAT.

If you experience problems with the connector transmitting data, please add the following to your firewall white-list:


Codat supports the pulling of Sage 50 (UK) accounting data. This section highlights key features of the Sage 50 (UK) integration that you need to be aware of.

What data can Codat pull from Sage 50 (UK)?

What data can Codat push to Sage 50 (UK)?

If there's data you'd like to pull or push that isn't currently supported, please suggest it or vote for it on our product roadmap.

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