Set up the Zoho Books integration

Explore our API integration with Zoho Books.

Zoho Books is a global accounting package with customers in the UK, US, Australia, India, and South Africa.

Before you can access data from customers using Zoho Books for their accounting, you need to set up a Zoho Books integration in the Codat Portal. You'll need to:

  • Register your Zoho Books application.
  • Add the secure keys generated by your registration to the Codat Portal.
  • Enable your Zoho Books integration in the Codat Portal.

Codat recommends that you test your integration before sending Link URLs to customers.


Supported versions

Codat currently supports the UK and US regions only for Zoho Books.


Zoho Books rate limits

Codat works within the rate limits set by Zoho Books to minimize the impact on data syncs. By default, line items are excluded when retrieving invoices and credit notes. For customers, address and contact information is excluded.

See Zoho Books limits and reduced data pulls to understand more about how Zoho Books controls the volume of data your organization can retrieve, and the number of data connections per organization.

Register your application


Developer account details

If you already have a Zoho Books account, have your account details to hand. If you don't, create an account before you start registration.

To register your Zoho Books application.

  1. Go to and sign in to Zoho Books. If you are using your account for the first time, select GET STARTED.
    The Developer Console is displayed. If the Applications screen is displayed instead, from the top-left corner, select ADD CLIENT.
  2. Select Server-based Applications.
    The Create New Client page is displayed.
  3. Add the following details:
    • From the Client Type list, select Server-based Applications.
    • In the Client Name box, enter your company's name. Your customers see this when they authorise your connection to their accounting system.
    • In the Homepage URL box, enter your company's website address.
    • In the Authorized redirect URIs box, enter
  4. Click Create.
    Zoho Books generates the secure keys that you'll need for the next stage of the process.
  5. When the page refreshes with the Client Secret tab selected, either:
    • Keep this page open in a separate browser tab.
    • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to a Word document or similar.
  6. Select the Settings tab and enable any of the listed regions where your customers are based.
  1. Select the Use the same OAuth credentials for all data centers checkbox.
    Your settings are saved automatically, and a confirmation message is displayed.

Add your application's secure keys to the Codat portal

  1. In the Codat Portal, go to the Accounting integrations page.
  2. Locate Zoho Books and click Set up.
  3. Under Integration settings, enter the values for the Client ID and Client secret from your app in your Zoho Books account.
  4. Click Save. A confirmation message appears if the settings were saved successfully.
  5. The Enable Zoho Books dialog is displayed. Select whether to enable the integration now or later.


Make sure that your secure keys don't contain any spaces.

Enable your Zoho Books integration

In the Codat Portal, go to the Accounting integrations page.

  1. Locate Zoho Books and click the toggle to enable the integration.
  2. You can also click Manage to view the integration's settings page, and then enable the integration from there.

Your Zoho Books integration is now set up.