Portal: Categorization of accounts

Categorization of accounts in the Codat Portal

You will be able to access the Codat Portal to review suggested mappings and confirm or re-categorize them if you find that some accounts have been miscategorized.

Account categories have three sub-categories:

  • Account type - the highest level classification of an account, e.g. Asset, Liability, etc.
  • Account subtype - the category often used for traditional financial ratios, e.g. Current assets, Current liabilities, etc.
  • Account detail - individual accounts, e.g. Cash, Inventory, Depreciation, etc.

How to categorize accounts

To set categories to accounts:

  1. On the company data page in the portal, select the Accounting tab, then Accounts > Categorize accounts. You can learn more about Account subtype and Account detail in the Terminology guide.
  2. Select Categorize next to the account type you want to set a category to.
  3. Set an Account subtype and Account detail for each account listed.
  4. Save your settings to confirm your categories.

Note: Each account name has a clickable "Information" icon assigned to it with categories we suggest be used for a given account.

How to exclude a category from categorization

If you don't want to set a category for an account, check the Unset box by the selected account and save your settings. The account will then be treated as an "Unconfirmed account" and will have a yellow circle next to it. You'll always be able to come back and revisit your settings later.

Note that applying the Unset option to an already confirmed category reverts it back to the category suggested by Codat. This means that when you open the mapping modal window again, the unset category boxes will not be empty, but will have the suggestion made by Codat and will have a yellow circle to indicate that the category is yet to be confirmed.

How to export categorized chart of accounts

You can export the chart of accounts in an Excel file:

  1. Go to Companies and choose the company whose data you want to see.
  2. Click the Export data link then click Create new report.
  3. When the file is generated or regenerated, click Download to download the file in XLSX format.

The downloaded Excel file contains:

  • The "Categorized Account Balances" tab.
  • The output of GET /data/companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/assess/accounts/categories endpoint listing the categories.
  • A balance of the account category for every financial period available in the financial statements.

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