Learn about the features that make up the Assess product

Assess helps you make smarter credit decisions on small businesses by enabling your customers to pull the latest data from the operating systems they are already using.

You can use that data for automating decisioning and surfacing new insights on the customer, all via one API.

Assess is built on top of the latest accounting, commerce and banking data, providing you with the most important data points you need to get a full picture of SMB creditworthiness, and make a comprehensive assessment of your customers.

Who is Assess for?

Assess is built for anyone who wants to make an assessment of a small business's financial health and performance.

Visit our Data Coverage Explorer to view all accounting, commerce and banking data sources that are supported in Assess.

Why use Assess?

We have done the heavy lifting for you by building integrations to the platforms your customers already use, handling the complexity of standardization and now providing pre-calculated accounting and commerce metrics and easily digestible insights that you didn’t have before, helping you automate and make smarter risk assessments.

With Assess, you can:

  1. Get to market faster.
  2. Expand your product lines.
  3. Make better risk decisions.
  4. Provide the best customer experience in the market.


Assess empowers you with a host of features to help you streamline your underwriting process:

  • Enhanced financials

    We automatically map your SMB customers' income statement and balance sheet to a single standard chart of accounts, meaning you can compare across customers easily. Explore Enhanced Financials.

  • Accounting financial metrics

    We pre-calculate the top financial ratios used for risk assessments and credit decisioning. Explore Accounting Financial Metrics.

  • Commerce sales metrics

    We provide the pre-calculated metrics you need to assess a customer’s revenue, orders and customer retention profile. Explore Commerce Metrics.

  • Data Integrity

    We cross-reference accounting data with banking data to verify data accuracy. Explore Data Integrity.

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