Portal: Data Integrity

Data integrity in the Codat Portal

To view the Data Integrity feature in the Portal, a company needs to:

  • Be linked to an accounting and banking source of data. You can do this either in the Codat Portal or using Codat API .
  • Have bank accounts and bank transactions set to sync.
  • Select View data > Data integrity by the linked company to display the cross-referenced results. All matched transactions are listed under the Records found tab, while those for which no matches were found — under Records not found.
  • The red exclamation mark indicates that a matching accounting account could not be found for the banking one. Click the indicator to reveal more information as shown in the image below. This is not an error - it's an indication that a bank account exists but was not matched against the accounting platform.

Transaction type abbreviations used in the user interface




UNK - Unknown
CR - Credit
DR - Debit
INT - Interest
DIV - Dividend
FEE - Fee

SCHG - Service Charge
DEP - Deposit
ATM - Automated Teller Machine
POS - Point of Sale
TFR - Transfer
CHK - Check

PMT - Payment
CSH - Cash
DDEP - Direct Deposit
DDR - Direct Debit
RPMT - Repeat Payment
OTH - Other

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