Portal: Data Integrity

Displays the Data Integrity percentages and describes the records that were matched and not matched

Data integrity in the Codat Portal

To view the Data Integrity feature in the Portal, a company needs to:

  • Be linked to an accounting and banking source of data. You can do this either in the Codat Portal or using the Codat API.
  • Have bank accounts and bank transactions set to sync.
  • Select View data > Data integrity by the linked company to display the cross-referenced results. All matched transactions are listed under the Records found tab. Transactions for which no matches were found are listed under Records not found.

An image of the Data Integrity page showing the records found percentage and a table of records found

The red exclamation mark indicates that a matching accounting account could not be found for the banking account. Click the indicator to reveal more information, as shown in the following image. This is not an error—it's an indication that a bank account exists but was not matched against the accounting platform.

An image of the popup for connected accounts

Transaction type abbreviations used in the user interface




UNK - Unknown
CR - Credit
DR - Debit
INT - Interest
DIV - Dividend
FEE - Fee

SCHG - Service Charge
DEP - Deposit
ATM - Automated Teller Machine
POS - Point of Sale
TFR - Transfer
CHK - Check

PMT - Payment
CSH - Cash
DDEP - Direct Deposit
DDR - Direct Debit
RPMT - Repeat Payment
OTH - Other

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