Auth flow overview

Choose Link or build your own solution

There are two ways you can enable your customers to connect their financial accounts:

  1. Use Link: a beautifully simple, pre-built, conversion-optimized, and customizable authorization flow (See Use Link for SMB authorization).
  2. Build your own authorization flow for a fully customized bespoke user journey (See Build your own authorization journey).

Continue reading to explore both options and determine which one is best suited for your needs.


Device compatibility

The full connection flow can not be optimized across all of Codat's integrations, whether you choose Link or to build your own custom flow.


Link compatibility with Codat Products

Link is compatible with the whole product range of Codat except for Sync for Commerce which is currently not supported. To set up your Sync for Commerce authorization flow, follow the instructions in our Sync for Commerce documentation.

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