Categorization of accounts


Categorization of accounts - Beta testing

Please note that the feature is still in testing mode and hasn't been fully released yet.
This feature is currently supported only for
QuickBooks Online platform (excl. Quickbooks Online France)
QuickBooks Desktop
SageBusiness Cloud Accounting

If you're interested in participating in the pilot testing, please contact your sales representative.

The chart of accounts defines the financial structure of a company by providing a list of all accounts used in the company's general ledger. Codat has developed a tool that lets you and your customers categorise transactions into one of the account types, such as Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses. We have defined over 60 account subtypes that businesses can use and they are suggested by Codat, but each of them needs to be confirmed by you or your customer.

The suggested account categories and their subtypes are based on:

  • Underlying classification from the accounting platform
  • List of default accounts which the accounting platform provides when users sign up.

You (or your customers) can review Codat's category suggestions and confirm them to be correct or choose a different category:

  • in the Codat Portal, or
  • via API.

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