An introduction to the Codat Commerce module.

The Codat Commerce module is a RESTful web service, built on top of the Codat Core API, that simplifies enabling the synchronisation of merchants' e-commerce or point of sale (POS) transaction data with their accounting software.

Included Functionality

  1. The ability to configure how and when a synchronisation should function for each merchant.
  2. A scheduler for ensuring the synchronisation happens at the specified time intervals.
  3. Mapping of data from e-commerce / POS format to that required for insertion into relevant accounting software, in accordance with the configuration set by the merchant.
  4. Insertion of required records into accounting software.

Data Types Synchronised

The commerce module synchronises the following types of data.


Sales data represents goods sold by a merchant.


The payments made by customers for goods sold.


A merchant's receipt of funds from an e-commerce or POS provider and any associated fees.

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An introduction to the Codat Commerce module.

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