Set up the BigCommerce integration

Explore our API integration with BigCommerce

Set up the BigCommerce integration to retrieve commerce data from your SMB customers who sell their products on the BigCommerce platform.

With this integration, your SMB customers (merchants who sell on the BigCommerce platform) must retrieve secure credentials from their BigCommerce store and then enter them in Link as part of the authorization flow.


Test the integration first

Before sending Link URLs to your SMB customers, we recommend that you test the integration using sample data from a sandbox store.

Here are the tasks involved in setting up the integration:

You perform these tasks:

  1. Enable the BigCommerce integration in the Codat Portal.
  2. Create a company in Codat and share the Link URL with your SMB customers.

Your SMB customers perform this task:

  1. Use Link to authorize Codat to access their commerce data.

Required OAuth scopes

To use our BigCommerce integration, the following OAuth scopes must be set with the read-only permission:

UI nameScope parameter
Order Transactionsstore_v2_transactions_read_only
Information & Settingsstore_v2_information_read_only

If a merchant doesn't have these scopes set, they'll need to create a new store API account and enter their new store credentials in Link (see SMB customer: Authenticate and connect your commerce data).

Note that Codat can't determine which scopes are set or unset for a particular merchant.

Enable the BigCommerce integration

In the Codat Portal:

  1. On the navigation bar, select Settings > Commerce.
  2. Click the toggle next to BigCommerce to set the integration to Enabled.

If the integration is enabled successfully, the switch remains set to Enabled. You can also enable this integration directly from its Integration settings page.

Create a company and share the Link URL

Create a company to represent your SMB customer. Provide the Link URL to the customer to allow them to connect their BigCommerce store to Codat using Link.


Options for authorization

Using Link to authorize the data connection is optional. You can also build your own authorization flow using the Codat API.

In the Codat Portal:

  1. Click Companies > New company.
  2. In the Add new company dialog, enter a name for the company, then click Add. The Link URL is displayed in the dialog.
  3. Provide the Link URL to your SMB customer.

SMB customer: Authenticate and connect your commerce data

In Link, your SMB customer connects their BigCommerce store to Codat. To authorize a data connection Codat, they create a store API account, obtain the store credentials, and then enter them in Link.

For more details about steps 4–7 of this procedure, see Creating an API Account in the BigCommerce Help Center.

Your SMB customer does the following:

  1. Open the Link URL in your browser.

  2. On the Commerce step in the Link site, select the BigCommerce tile, then click Next.

    BigCommerce Link flowBigCommerce Link flow

  3. Review the requested permissions on the Connect to BigCommerce step, then click Next.
    The Your BigCommerce Credentials page is displayed. Leave this page open in your browser.

    Your BigCommerce credentialsYour BigCommerce credentials

  4. In a new browser tab, go to and sign in to your dashboard.

  5. In the side panel, click Settings.

  6. Click API accounts > Create API account.

  7. On the Create account page, enter the following details:

    • Leave the Token type as V2/V3 API token.
    • Enter the name of your organization in the Name box.
    • Set the required OAuth scopes.
    • Click Save.
      The BigCommerce API credentials dialog is displayed and a text file containing your store API account credentials is downloaded to your computer.

    BigCommerce API credentialsBigCommerce API credentials

  8. Open the downloaded text file to view the store API account credentials.

  9. Copy and paste the values from the text file into the corresponding boxes on the Your BigCommerce Credentials page (see step three). The following values are required:

    • Client ID
    • Client Secret
    • Access Token
    • API Path
  10. Click Continue.

  11. If the data connection was successful, click Finish to close Link. You have now connected your BigCommerce store to Codat.


Keep your store API account credentials safe

You can't access your store API account credentials (Client ID, Client Secret, Access Token, and API Path) again after you close the BigCommerce API credentials dialog. Make sure you store the downloaded text file containing these credentials in a secure location.

If you lose your store API account credentials, you'll need to create a new store API account and re-link your store.