Use the Chargebee integration

The Chargebee integration is part of the Domain discovery program, so Codat doesn't yet expose standardized data types or provide any data visualization or metrics (for example, in Assess).

Instead, when an SMB customer (a company) has linked their Chargebee account, you can access their subscriptions and billing data through the proxy endpoint in the Codat API. Only GET requests are currently supported.

Send a proxy request

To proxy to the Chargebee API, send a GET request to the proxy endpoint:

GET /companies/COMPANY_ID/connections/CONNECTION_ID/data/proxy?endpoint=CHARGEBEE_ENDPOINT

Replace CHARGEBEE_ENDPOINT with the desired Chargebee API object, which must be URL encoded.

For example, to view a company's customers in Chargebee, send the following request:

GET /companies/COMPANY_ID/connections/CONNECTION_ID/data/proxy?endpoint=v2/customers

To view a list of all available endpoints, see the Chargebee API documentation.


Use of the Chargebee integration is subject to participation in the Codat Domain discovery program. Be aware of the program expectations before using the integration.

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