Sync for Commerce

Codat offers a managed service for clients who wish to use our ecommerce or point of sale integrations but would prefer to avoid building to Codat's API. For details of how this works, please contact our solutions team.

Key features

  • Enable merchants to automatically reconcile sales data from their ecommerce or POS solution with their accounting platform.
  • Use Codat's white-labelled Link site to allow merchants to easily connect to their accounting platforms.
  • Easily configure how and when a data synchronisation is triggered for each merchant via our portal web interface or API.
  • Codat handles all authorisation, standardisation and synchronisation, as well as providing clear visualisations of connected information, and error reporting.

Data types available for synchronisation

Codat's managed service allows you to synchronise the following data types.

  • Sales - Sales data for goods sold by a merchant.
  • Payments - Payments made by customers for goods sold.
  • Fees - A merchant's receipt of funds from an ecommerce or POS provider and any associated fees.

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