Mollie is a payment aggregator that enables merchants to integrate a variety of different online payment methods into their websites or apps through a single REST API.

Using Codat’s Mollie integration, you can securely retrieve and view your customers’ commerce transactions which have been processed by Mollie.


EUR base currency and UK Closed Beta

Mollie uses a base currency of EUR and payouts (settlements) are always made in EUR. GBP is not supported as a base currency in Mollie unless you enrol in the UK Closed Beta. For more information, see the Mollie Knowledge Base.

Supported data types

The following table shows which data types are supported by the Mollie integration.

More information about the supported data types:

  • Company info. Details of a linked company, such as their address, phone number, and company registration details.

  • Customers. Details of customers who have placed orders with the company.

  • Disputes. Details of chargebacks retrieved from the Mollie chargebacks API. The dispute status is not available for chargebacks retrieved from Mollie.

    Note: In Mollie, a chargeback is a payment reversal issued to a customer who raised a dispute about a payment or order. For more information, see What are chargebacks? in the Mollie knowledge base.

  • Orders. Details of all orders received by a company, including payments, service charges, and refunds.

  • Payments. Details of payments and refunds. Payments are amounts reserved against the customer’s funding source.

  • Transactions. Details of all financial transactions recorded in the system (payments, refunds, chargebacks, and settlements). Mollie settlements are indicated in Codat with the transaction type of Payout. They are retrieved from the Mollie settlements API.

    Note: Settlements are monies paid from a company’s Mollie balance to their own bank account. They show the included payments and any deductions for refunds, chargebacks, and so on.

Field coverage for Mollie

Codat's data model aims to support as many fields from providers' objects and data types as possible. In some cases, it's not possible to support every provider field; for example, a provider's API might not grant access to some fields.

The following table highlights selected fields that are not available in data pulled from Mollie.

Codat data type

Provider field (Mollie)


Commerce > Transactions


Mollie settlements with a status of open or pending are not reflected in the transaction status in Codat.

Commerce > Payments


Only the creditcard and paypal payment methods are reflected in Codat. All other payment methods are shown as Unknown.

Commerce > Orders


In Mollie orders, shipping_fee and surcharge lines are shown as service charges in Codat (Orders.serviceCharges). For surcharges, the Orders.serviceCharges.type field in Codat is Unknown.

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