Overview of Commerce Integrations

Codat’s commerce integrations allow you to easily pull up-to-date ecommerce, payment and point-of-sale data from your customers' commerce software. Please see our Commerce data model for details on the types of data you can pull.

You can use Codat's Commerce Sandbox integration to start exploring the data you can work with, without any setup (other than enabling the integration).

How do I set up and enable commerce integrations?

Most commerce software providers require you to register with them before you're able to access data from their platforms via Codat. In most cases, this is free and should only take a few minutes.

The specific steps and requirements vary but we've detailed them all in the setup pages in this section.

Supported commerce software

Codat's commerce integrations provide the ability to connect to several e-commerce, payments, and point-of-sale commerce software providers. See the documentation to learn how to set up each integration, as well as the specific data types that each integration can pull.

Codat's commerce integrations are as follows:

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