Set up the Shopify integration

Explore our API integration with Shopify

Set up the Shopify integration to retrieve commerce data from customers who sell their products on Shopify's ecommerce platform.


Before you begin, read the Underlying provider requirements on the Shopify page.

To set up the Shopify integration, perform the following tasks in Shopify and the Codat Portal:

Create a Shopify app

Create and configure an app in Shopify. When the app is created you can view the secure app credentials.

  1. Log in to the Shopify Partners site using your Shopify partner account credentials.

    Create a partner account if you don't already have one.

  2. In the side panel, click Apps.

  3. On the Apps page, click Create app.

  4. In the Use Shopify Partners box, click Create app manually.

  5. On the Create an app manually page, enter the requested information:

    • App name: Enter a name for your app. Do not use Shopify as part of the app name.
    • App URL: Enter a URL for your app. Do not use Shopify as part of the URL. Use the same URL when you submit your app to Shopify for review in the next procedure.
    • Allowed redirection URL(s): Enter
  6. Click Create app. Your app is created and the app page is displayed.

  7. In the side panel, click App setup to view the app's configuration settings.

  8. Optional: On the App setup page, if you need to access over 60 days' of orders, do the following:

    1. In the Read all orders box, click Request access.
    2. Enter the details requested in the dialog, then submit your request to Shopify.
  9. In the GDPR mandatory webhooks section, enter the following Codat webhook URLs:

    • Customer data request endpoint:
    • Customer data erasure endpoint:
    • Shop data erasure endpoint:
  10. Click the Save button that appears at the top of the page.

Your app's API key and API secret key are shown in the App credentials section of the App setup page. You'll need these when you add your app's credentials to the integration.

Submit your app to Shopify for approval

Your app must be approved by Shopify before you can use the integration with a Production Store. The review and approval process might take up to two weeks.

In the Shopify Partners site:

  1. Click the name of your app.
  2. In the side panel, click Distribution.
  3. On the Distribution page, click Choose Shopify App Store then confirm your selection in the dialog that appears.
  1. Click Create listing.
  2. Select your Shopify partner account at the authentication prompt. The App listing page for your app opens.
  3. Click App visibility.
  4. In the Manage app visibility dialog, select Unlisted, unless you want your app to be visible in the public Shopify App Store, then click Save.


Differences between listed and unlisted apps

You can choose whether to make your Shopify app listed (fully visible in the Shopify App Store) or unlisted (it will not appear in Shopify App Store search engines or results). Both types of apps have a public Shopify App Store URL.

  1. Click Start listing. The English listing page is displayed.
  2. Enter all the required listing information and then save the form.
  3. On the App listing page, click the Submit app button at the top right. The button is not available until you've completed all the required listing information.

Your app is sent to Shopify for review and approval.

Add your app's credentials to the Shopify integration

In the Codat Portal, add the secure credentials for your Shopify app to the integration.

  1. On the navigation bar, select Settings > Integrations > Commerce.

  2. Click Set up next to the Shopify integration.

    The Integration settings page is displayed.

  3. Under Access to company data, configure the permitted sync frequency for the integration. Select Allow one-off data sync… or Allow continuous data sync.

  4. Enter your app's credentials from Shopify (to find these, see Create a Shopify app).

    • For App URL, enter the marketplace URL for your app, for example
    • For Client Key, enter the API key from Shopify.
    • For Client Secret, enter the API secret key from Shopify.
  5. If you requested access to over 60 days' of orders and your access was approved, turn on Has request to read all orders. Otherwise leave this setting turned off.

  1. Click Save.

Enable the Shopify integration

  1. In the Codat Portal, go to the Commerce integrations page.
  2. Locate Shopify and click the toggle to enable the integration.

You can also click Manage to view the integration's settings page, and then enable the integration from there.

Check the commerce sync settings

All commerce data types must be enabled before you can pull commerce transactions from Shopify to Codat. Follow the steps in Commerce sync settings; you only need to do this once.

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