Square helps small retail businesses to start, run, and grow. They make it easy for sellers to take payments in person, via mobile point-of-sale solutions, and via their own websites.

Use Codat's API with Square to securely connect to, retrieve, and view your customers' commerce transactions, including:

  • Company info — details of a linked company, such as their address, phone number, and company registration.
  • Customers — details of customers who have placed orders with the company.
  • Disputes — details of all transactions that customers have challenged.
  • Orders — details of all orders received by a company, including payments, service charges, and refunds.
  • Payments — amounts reserved against the customer's funding source.
  • Products — details of the products a company has available on the system, including the price and quantity of those products, and product variants (where available).
  • Transactions — details of all financial transactions recorded in the system.

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