Connection management

Learn how to enhance the customer journey when a persistent connection is required

Connecting is just the beginning of the customer journey. If your use case requires a persistent connection, then it is necessary to allow your customers to manage their ongoing connections. Your customers should feel, and be in control.


Why this matters

Your customers need visibility and control over the connections they own. Without the ability to view and update connections, your customers may feel a lack of control and lose trust. This may not directly affect the likelihood of your customers connecting but may affect trust between you and your customer.

Allow users to view their live connections

In the connection management view, consider showing your customers some or all of the following:

  • Name of the connected platform
  • First sync time and date
  • The most recent sync time and date
  • Sync history
  • Linked data where possible
  • Metadata that will help identify connections i.e. currency of a connected bank account

Allow users to delete their connections

Ensure it is obvious how to do delete a connection and revoke access to connected data via your app’s UI.

Include an option to refresh data

Allow your customers to sync new data when it is suitable for your use case.

⭐ Show when the data is actively syncing

Add animation to indicate when data is syncing, e.g. a loading spinner.