Contacting Codat's Second-line Support

How do I contact support?

If you're still having issues after following the troubleshooting steps in these guides, please contact us by email on [email protected].

What should I include in the body of the email?

Identify the Customer

  • What company has reported the issue? Please provide Codat company ID (unique 36-character identifier)
  • Have other companies been affected?

Identify the Issue

  • When was it reported?
  • What was the user trying to achieve?
  • What actions were they undertaking shortly before the issue occurred?
  • Have any error or popup messages been displayed? If so, what did those messages say?

Identify the Context

  • Has the issue ever been reported before? If so, what was done to solve it then?
  • Are there any deadlines or other stakes that we should consider?

Identify any additional relevant information

  • Any additional screenshots?
  • Any workflow detail specific to this company?

What can I expect?

  • An automated mail notifying you of the ticket number

  • First contact message from a member of the support team to inform you on our first findings and analyses, provide immediate troubleshooting steps or request additional information.

What happens next?

The issue reported might be configuration-based:

  • In this case, the team might be able to provide immediate help to fix the problem. This might include asking you to queue a new sync, create a new company, reinstall the connector, etc.
  • When relevant and if requested, the team can provide step-by-step guidance on how to complete these tasks.

The issue reported might be a product feature request:

  • In this case, an Idea will be created internally for the Product team to review, provide feedback and decide whether it should be added in the roadmap.

The issue reported might be a bug:

  • In this case, the team will raise a bug with our engineering teams for them to review.
  • We are not always able to provide a timeline for bug fixes, but the information provided in the body of your mail, specifically in the Issue and Context sections, influence the prioritisation of the backlog.
    Therefore, we recommend that you provide as much details as possible in those sections.


Can I ask the user to contact Codat Support directly?

Please do not ask users to contact Codat Support directly. Our support team does not provide direct support to end-users so you should contact Codat on their behalf. If we need to do any direct troubleshooting with the user, we will arrange this with you.

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