In Codat, a company represents a business sharing access to their data. Each company can have multiple data connections to different data sources such as one connection to Xero for accounting data, two connections to Plaid for two bank accounts and a connection to Zettle for POS data.

Typically each company is one of your customers.

When you create a company, you can specify a name and we will automatically generate a unique id for the company.

How do I create a company?

Companies can be created in one of two ways:

  1. Using the POST /companies endpoint on the Codat API.
  2. Using the Codat portal.

Are there restrictions on company names?

Company names may only contain letters, numbers, spaces and the following symbols: -, ', &, @, ., ,, ?, !.

Any forbidden characters will be removed from your company name. For example: Example Company (Codat[1]) will be created as Example Company Codat1.

How do I know the status of a company?

Companies used to have a status but this is being removed on June 9th. Given that a company can have multiple Data connections (each having their own status), you should review the data connections' statuses to understand whether you can pull and push or if any action is required to re-link a connection.

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