Concept overview and key details

In Codat, an integration represents a third-party data source that you can connect a company to (using a data connection) so that you can access that company's business data.

We currently support four types of integration, each enabling access to different types of business data: accounting, banking, commerce integrations, and file upload integrations.


Codat’s accounting integrations allow you to easily pull up-to-date accounting data from your customers' accounting software as well as push data to their software using Codat's standard accounting data model.


Codat’s banking integrations allow you to easily pull up-to-date account and transaction data from your customers' banks using Codat's standard banking data model.


Codat’s commerce integrations allow you to easily pull up-to-date ecommerce, payment and point-of-sale data from your customers' commerce software using Codat's standard commerce data model.

File upload

Codat's file upload integrations allow your customers to share any documentation you require them to provide. This may include personal identity documents, pitch decks, contracts, or files with accounting and banking data.

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Before data can be inserted into or retrieved from an integration, an authenticated connection between a Company and a data source must be established.