COVID-19 advice

Advice for anyone who is working remotely and using a Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop connector.

We understand that many of you are working at home at the moment, and some simple tasks don’t seem so simple anymore.

We just wanted to reassure you that you and your customers can continue to use your Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop connector as normal. We also wanted to share the answers to some questions you’ve been asking us.

Can I synchronise data from home?

Yes you can, as long as you have access to the internet and can open and log in to Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop.

If the connector is on your home PC or laptop

Your accounting software and connector must be on the same computer.

If your company uses a VPN, then ask your IT support department to allow the connector to access your network. If you use a VPN to access Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop, then you need to use the same VPN to access the connector.

If your Sage 50 data file is normally stored in a shared network directory, it may have a different path when you’re working from home. Find the data directory on your computer, and then contact our support team for further advice.

If the connector is on an office computer

If you’re accessing the office computer from home, continue to synchronise your data as normal. If you do experience any problems, and you have Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop installed on your home PC or laptop, do the following:

  1. If possible, uninstall the connector from the office computer. If you can't, shut down the office computer instead.
  2. Install the connector on your home PC or laptop using your existing licence key.
    Your accounting software and connector are now on the same computer.
  3. When things return to normal, remember to:
  • Uninstall the connector from the home computer.
  • Re-install the connector on the office computer if it was removed.

See QuickBooks Desktop and Sage 50 sections for more information on installing and uninstalling software.

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