Customer overview

The customer overview allows you to view summary metrics, trends, and a detailed breakdown of money owed by the company's customers or debtors. This article provides:

  • Descriptions of the data displayed.
  • Descriptions of metrics available for selection.
  • Default date settings.


Formulas for calculating key metrics

Select Help? from the top navigation of the Codat portal to view the formulas used to calculate key metrics.

If data in the customer overview is unavailable, please read Using the dashboards for information on how to resolve this.

Summary metrics

View key metrics for outstanding customer debt for the selected period.



No. Invoices Outstanding

Total number of invoices that remain unpaid or partially paid.

Total Owed

Total value of outstanding invoices. This is the total amount of cash that customers owe to the company.

Days Sales Outstanding

The average number of days that a customer took to pay an invoice, taking into account all paid invoices for the latest 365 days of available data. These are also known as debtor days.

Default date settings

The default date range shows the latest 12 complete months of available data. You can select your own date range within the following limits:

  • Start month - The earliest full month where data has synced successfully.
  • End month - The most recent full month where data has synced successfully.

Top five customers

Key metrics for the company's top five revenue generating customers, in descending order, for the selected date range. See Company overview for a full description of the key metrics.

All customers

A detailed breakdown of revenue generated, money owed, and debt management by customer. Customers are listed in descending order by the proportion of the company's revenue they contribute.



Customer Name

Name of the customer as recorded in the accounting system, typically the company name.


Reference on invoices issued to the customer.

Concentration %

Proportion of the company's total revenue from the customer.

Total Owed

Total value of the customer's unpaid invoices, not including credit notes.

Days Sales Outstanding

Average number of days it takes a customers to pay their outstanding invoices over the last 365 days.

No. Invoices Outstanding

Total number of invoices that remain unpaid or partially paid.

Selecting a report line provides a detailed breakdown of the same metrics for an individual customer along with a list of all invoices issued to that customer.

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