The Codat Portal dashboard gives you a real-time insight on the number of companies and the current statuses of their data connections. This gives you a greater understanding of how many companies are linking their data.

Types of connection statuses

Dashboard connection status



A company is considered to be a "Linked" company if it has at least one Linked data connection.


A company is considered to be an "Unlinked" company if it is not "Linked" and has at least one Unlinked or Deauthorized data connection.

Not yet linked

A company is considered to be a "Not yet linked" company if it has no data connections or all of its data connections are PendingAuth. These are the companies you've created in Codat, but do not have data on.

All time linked

A company is considered to be an "All time linked" company if it had a linked data connection at any point of time, even if their current connection status is Unlinked or Deauthorized.

Note that:

  • You can access the full list of companies by selecting the View all companies button.
  • All the statuses can be accessed via API using the Metrics endpoint.
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Portal Dashboard

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