Portal overview

Key concepts and elements of the Codat Portal

The Codat Portal home page gives you a quick way of seeing the products you're using in your Codat environment, the breakdown of your Company connections by status, and the Portal's navigation bar.

Navigation bar

This section allows you to access other sections of the Portal where you are able to set up, monitor, and use the Codat products.

Some navigation bar tabs (for example, the Developers tab) are only available to specific user roles.

Getting started

This section shows you some useful resources including our getting started guides for both technical and non-technical users, and where to find your API keys (if your user role allows you access).

Your products

This section shows you which products are enabled for your account. By default, Accounting API, Banking API, and Commerce API are enabled.

Clicking Manage products takes you to the Products page, where you can manage the products you have enabled, and enable additional products.


This section gives you real-time insight into the number of companies and the current statuses of their data connections.

Summary of company connection statuses

Dashboard connection status



A company is considered to be a "Linked" company if it has at least one Linked data connection.


A company is considered to be an "Unlinked" company if it is not "Linked" and has at least one Unlinked or Deauthorized data connection.

Not yet linked

A company is considered to be a "Not yet linked" company if it has no data connections or all of its data connections are PendingAuth. These are the companies you've created in Codat, but do not have data on.

All time linked

A company is considered to be an "All time linked" company if it had a linked data connection at any point of time, even if their current connection status is Unlinked or Deauthorized.

Note that:

  • You can access the list of companies by selecting the View all companies button.
  • All the statuses can be accessed via API using the Metrics endpoint.