Pulling data

Supported data types

You can also retrieve this information via our API. Please use our 'Integrations Endpoint' here.

The table below summarises support for retrieving data across the data types and the accounting integrations that Codat supports.

Supported 'pull' data types.
Click to expand.Supported 'pull' data types.
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Supported 'pull' data types.
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Supported by Codat
We’ve recently added support for this datatype
Not currently supported by Codat
Wave - You will need partner status with Wave to sync these datatypes
- Not supported by underlying provider



Before you can retrieve a company's data from our API, you'll need the company to authorise a data connection (see our documentation on user authorisation) and complete a synchronisation of any datatypes you're interested in.


Kashoo API keys for new connections

Due to essential development on their API, Kashoo will not be providing API keys for any new connections until June 2021.

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