Configure sync settings

From the Codat Portal, you can override the default sync settings, and specify your own fetch order and frequency for datasets. You can also choose whether a dataset is automatically synced when a company is linked for the first time.

Override the default sync settings

To customize your sync settings:

  1. Log in to the Codat Portal.
  2. In the left pane, select Account > Sync Settings.
    The Sync Settings page is displayed.
  3. Customize settings for the data types you're interested in and save your changes. Read the sections below for more information about each setting.

Change the fetch order of data types

The order of the data types on the Sync Settings page is the order in which they are queued to be synchronized. You can change the order using the arrows on the left side of the page.

Where possible, Codat fetches datasets concurrently, but some accounting platforms limit the number of requests that can be made each minute. These limits mean that a data type may remain queued while waiting for the limit to refresh so you may choose to prioritize the data types you need to be synchronized first.

Use "Fetch on first link"

By default, Fetch on first link is on for most data types.

When Fetch on first link is on for a data type:

  • The data type is automatically queued for synchronization when a company is first linked, provided that the data type is available in the company's accounting platform.
  • The data type is queued for synchronization when clicking the Queue Sync button for a company in the Codat Portal.
  • The data type is queued for synchronization when you make a request to POST /companies/{companyId}/data/queue/{dataType} with all as the datatype.

When Fetch on first link is turned off for a data type, you can still queue the sync for an individual data type using the POST /companies/{companyId}/data/queue/{dataType} endpoint. This might be useful for testing, or if you only need infrequent access to a dataset.

See Synchronizing your data for more information about how to sync data sets on demand.

Queue a sync from the Codat Portal

To manually arrange your data to be synchronized:

  1. In the left hand pane of the Codat Portal, select Companies.
  2. Select View Data for the company you're interested in.
  3. Under the company name, select View underlying datasets.
  4. Select Queue sync.

Choose a sync frequency

Setting the Sync frequency for a data type to anything other than None automatically syncs the data type on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

By default, Sync frequency is set to None.

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