Commerce data types

Connect to your SMB customers' eCommerce, PoS and payment data sources

The data model for commerce data sources includes all the data types that you can pull, or retrieve, from the Codat API.

Supported commerce data types


Data Coverage Explorer

View the full details of the data types that Codat supports for each commerce platform in the Data Coverage Explorer.

The following commerce data types are available via Codat's API:

  • Company info – details of a linked company, such as their address, phone number, and company registration.
  • Customers – details of customers who have placed orders with the company.
  • Disputes – details of all transactions that customers have challenged.
  • Locations – details of geographic locations where product variant inventory is held.
  • Orders – details of all orders received by a company, including payments, service charges, and refunds.
  • Payments – amounts reserved against the customer's funding source.
  • Payment Methods – represents the payment methods used by customers to make payments.
  • Products – details of the products a company has available on the system, including the price and quantity of those products, and product variants (where available).
  • Transactions – details of all financial transactions recorded in the system.

Integrations setup

For full instructions on how to set up an integration for a specific commerce platform see the Commerce integrations section.

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