File upload

The Accounting file upload, Banking file upload, and Business documents file upload integrations provide simple file upload functionality.

You can capture your SMB's business documents in addition to contributed data accessed through our main integrations. This may include personal identity documents, pitch decks, contracts, or files with accounting and banking data.

The file upload integrations are available in the Codat Portal in Settings > Integrations > Other integrations.


Although we scan all uploaded files for viruses, we recommend that you do the same for optimum security.

File Upload Requirements

Uploaded files must meet the following requirements:

  • Up to 20 files can be uploaded at a time.
  • PDF, XLS, XLSX, XLSB, CSV, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, JPEG, JPG, and PNG files can be uploaded.
  • Each file can be up to 10MB in size.

Enable file uploads via Link

To let your SMB customers upload their business documents, you first need to enable the file upload integrations in the Codat Portal at Settings > > Integrations > Other integrations.

Once enabled, an option to upload files will appear on the relevant platform selection screen. The Business documents file upload integration appears as a separate section in your Link flow.

Link platform selection view with accounting and business files upload enabled

Link platform selection view with accounting and business files upload enabled

Files uploaded by your customers can then be downloaded from within the Codat Portal, or using the Files endpoints in the API.

Set up file upload dialog text

Customize the text used in the File upload dialog window to provide the users with additional guidance. This window appears when users select the file upload integration in the Link flow.

  1. Click Settings > Auth flow > Link in the navigation bar.
  2. In the File upload section, enter the text to use for the integrations.

Access uploaded files via the Portal

  1. Navigate to the Companies page and select a company that has uploaded files. It is indicated with a green File upload pill.
  2. Select Uploaded files in the left navigation pane.
  3. Click Download files for the date when the files were uploaded.

A zip file will be downloaded. It will contain all the files that were uploaded on the chosen date, organized by integration.

Access file uploads via the Codat API

To view all files uploaded by a company, make the following request:

GET /companies/{companyId}/files

To download all files for a company, make the following request:

GET /companies/{companyId}/files/download

To upload files to a company, make the following request:

POST /companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/files