Guide for everyone else

A practical introduction to Codat's solution using Portal

  • Create an account

    You need an account to get started with Codat. It's free and lets you explore our solution immediately.

    You can sign up for an account now, or learn more about creating one.

  • First steps with Codat

    Run through our First steps with Codat guide to learn the basics of Codat.

    You will create a company, link it to Codat's sandbox, and review its financial data in three easy steps.

  • Core concepts

    Companies, their data connections, and integrations are at the heart of Codat - review these concepts to become fluent with our solution.

    Understand the key concepts & terminology used throughout our documentation.

  • Use Codat's Portal

    Completed the first steps and looking for more? All of Codat's offering, including its specialized products Assess and Sync for Commerce, is available in the Codat Portal.

    Use our demo company or take your own journey through the Codat Portal.


Our products can help you make the most of your customers' consented business data.

  • Accounting API

    Standardize how you connect to your customers' accounts. View, create, update, and delete data in the same way for all the leading accounting platforms.

    See our accounting integrations.

  • Commerce API

    Connect to every payment, Point of Sale, eCommerce platform, and marketplace and see your customers' sales, orders, and payments data in a standardized format.

    See our commerce integrations.

  • Banking API

    Use Open Banking data for bank accounts and transactions alongside accounting and commerce data, all in one place.

    See our banking integrations.

  • Assess

    Make smarter credit decisions for your small business customers. Assess enriches your customer's accounting, commerce and banking data to surface actionable insights you didn't have before.

    Read our guide to getting started with Assess.

  • Sync for Commerce

    Building to lots of different APIs does not scale. With Sync for Commerce, you can send a merchant's data to their accounting platform without worrying about which one they use.

    Read more and find out how to get started.