Step 1: Customize

Link is the only place where your clients (or CompaniesCompanies - Businesses (typically SMEs) whose financial data are being connected to via the Codat Portal. As a user of the Codat Portal, companies are your customers.) will be directed to during their first encounter with the Codat Portal.

By customizing the customer-facing Codat Link, you can create a unique experience for each of your clients. You can easily define the design of the Link by:

  • Adding your company colors
  • Applying your company branding
  • Configuring a redirect for your company


Customize Link

In the top navigation bar, select Link to see the Link Settings page. Follow the instructions in the Set up your company branding section to update your company's details, including the company name, primary color, and logos.

Configure a redirect for your company

You can choose which page your customers will be sent to after they have authorized their connection to the Codat Portal. To do so, navigate to the Link Settings page, scroll down to the Redirect URL section and populate it using the instructions from the Redirect URLs section.


Codat offers many other ways to tailor the Portal to your needs:

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