Step 2: Connect

Link your Portal account to our "Sandbox" environment. Sandbox contains dummy accounting data generated especially for the purpose of your testing. This safe environment gives you access to all data types supported by Codat.

Connect is the second most important step of the process and it involves:

  • Creating a company
  • Linking the company to the Sandbox
  • Synchronising the company's financial data
Codat SandboxCodat Sandbox

Codat Sandbox

Add a company

A company is a business that grants you access to its financial data sources.

  1. Go to Companies.
  2. Click New company.
  3. Enter the company name and click Add.
  4. Wait until the Link URL displays below the company name and copy the link.

Link the company

  1. Paste the Link URL into the web browser.
  2. On the Link page, choose the Codat Sandbox testing environment.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Synchronise data

Before you can see the data of the linked company in the Codat Portal, they need to be synchronized. In simple terms, synchronization (also known as "sync") is needed to maintain consistency between the data on the Codat Portal and the data provided by the integration your company has linked to the Portal. The synchronization will be automatic when the company is linked for the first time.

To manually queue a sync:

  1. Go to Companies.
  2. Select View Data for the company you've just linked.
  3. The sample data should now have synced automatically. You can check it by clicking View datasets. If no, select Queue sync.


Codat offers many other ways to manage your companies:

  • Update company names
    • Delete companies
    • Set up when and how often you want to have data synchronised

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