Guide for developers

A practical summary to get you started with Codat and its APIs

  • Create an account

    You need an account and its API key to get started with Codat. It's free and lets you explore and test our API and standardized integrations.

    You can sign up for an account immediately, or learn more about creating one.

  • First steps with Codat

    Run through our First steps with Codat guide to learn the basics of Codat.

    You will create a company, link it to Codat's sandbox, and review its financial data to get acquainted with Codat's solution.

  • Core concepts

    Companies, their data connections, and integrations are at the heart of Codat - review these concepts to become fluent with our solution.

    Review the key concepts & terminology used throughout our documentation.

  • Use Codat's API

    Completed the first steps and looking for more? Want to build to our APIs directly? Need more technical information on querying, rate limits, and more?

    Start using our public endpoints through our API Reference.

  • Portal for developers

    Manage upcoming deprecations, your organization's API keys, and more, in the Codat Developers space.

    This space also provides handy links to various Codat resources that support our developer community.

  • Developer resources

    Ready to dive in deeper with Codat? Review our demo apps, tutorials, sample code, starter projects, and other tools to help you build your Codat solution.

    Take a look at these resources for your next project with Codat.