How Does Codat Treat Sub-customers and Projects From QuickBooks Online?


All sub-customers and projects (to any level of nesting) are pulled in to Codat as customers. Codat does not have a concept of customer nesting so all sub-customers and projects are pulled back without their relationship(s) to each other.

Each sub-customer in QuickBooks Online can either be marked as "Bill with parent" or "Bill this customer"; this option is not available for projects and they are always "Bill with parent". To preserve contact information, all projects and any sub-customer that's marked as "Bill with parent" will have their contact information populated from the first parent that is marked as "Bill this customer", or the top-level parent if all others are "Bill with parent".


Given the outlined structure in QuickBooks Online (where indentation indicates the customer/sub-customer relation), Codat will create customers with the following names and draw the contact information from the company specified in the Codat Contact Info column.



If a "Bill with parent" sub-customer has its own contact information, this will also be included in the contacts field of the company in Codat.

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