Install the QuickBooks Desktop connector


Linking companies using the QuickBooks Desktop connector

The QuickBooks Desktop connector must be run on the same computer as the QuickBooks Desktop application. Advise your client to install the connector on the computer they normally use when working with QuickBooks Desktop.

Before they start the linking process, the user must open QuickBooks Desktop and log in to the company they want to link.

To install the QuickBooks Desktop connector, the user who is connecting their company data must complete the following tasks:

  1. Download the connector

  2. Launch the connector and enter the licence key

  3. Select a region and initiate link

  4. Authorize the connector to access QuickBooks

  5. Wait for the connector to complete first link

1. Download the connector

First, the user downloads the connector from a Codat Link URL.


Connector download file

The QuickBooks Desktop connector is packaged as a .exe file. To increase your client's trust in the download, the filename is prefixed with your company name (the name of the company the user is connecting their data to). For example: YourCompanyName-quickbooksDesktop-connector.exe. Symbols in the filename are replaced with dashes.

Additionally, the file is signed with an Extended Validation Code Signing Digital Certificate issued by GlobalSign.

If you're using the Codat Link flow, the user can download the connector after they've selected QuickBooks Desktop as their accounting package.

If you've built your own Link flow, the linkUrl field on the company's QuickBooks data connection will initiate the installer download.


Connector permissions

The connector requires administrator privileges (admin rights) to run. Each time you add a company, a user with admin rights needs to run the installer, which will display the following window:

The user copies their license key (the same as their CompanyId in Codat) to use in the next step.

2. Launch the connector and enter the licence key

Next, the user runs the downloaded file to start the connector. They're prompted to enter their licence key, which is the same as their CompanyId in Codat.


Link flows and licence keys

The licence key is only shown to the customer automatically if you're using the Codat Link flow rather than building your own Link flow.

They should paste the licence key copied in the previous task into the Licence Key box, and then click Install.

3. Verify files, select a region and initiate link

Next, the user needs to verify their data and selects their geographical region – either Canada, UK, or US – and then clicks Link with [company name].

The connector initiates the connection with QuickBooks Desktop and the user is prompted to grant access.


Open one copy of QuickBooks

An error is displayed if Quickbooks Desktop is not open, or multiple instances of Quickbook Desktop are running on the same machine.

4. Authorize the connector to access QuickBooks

In QuickBooks Desktop, the user is prompted to allow the application to read and modify the QuickBooks company file. Any of the Yes options will allow the connector to work. However, for the best user experience, we recommend choosing Yes, always to allow access even if QuickBooks Desktop is not running.

Options might vary between QuickBooks versions but are similar to:

  • No
  • Yes, prompt each time
  • Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open
  • Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.

In all cases, we recommend choosing the option that allows the most access to QuickBooks so that you can sync data as easily as possible.

Check the details in the Access Confirmation dialog, and then click Done.

5. Wait for the connector to complete first link

Once access to QuickBooks has been granted, the connector will process the datasets you have chosen to fetch on first link (see Data Sync Settings). Upon completion of the first link, a message will be shown to the user confirming that their data has been synchronised.

If you have chosen to have your connectors perform a one-time synchronisation, the connector will uninstall itself and set the company status to deauthorised.

If you have chosen to install your connectors for ongoing synchronisations, the connector will periodically process any dataset syncs or pushes you have queued using the Codat portal or API. The connector will also be set to automatically start when the system reboots.

Installation path

The QuickBooks Desktop connector is installed in Program Files inside a directory named with your client name in Codat.

C:\Program Files (x86)\<Client Name>\QuickBooks-connector

For example:

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