Set up the Sage 50 connector

Instructions for your customers to install, configure, and manage the Codat Sage 50 (UK) connector.


Linking companies using the Sage 50 connector

Customers must install and run the Sage 50 connector on the computer where Sage 50 (UK) is installed. If in doubt, ask your customer to link their accounting data from the computer that they normally use to access Sage 50 (UK).

Install the Sage 50 connector

When the connector has been downloaded and run, a screen similar to the following is shown.


If the user has anti-virus software installed on their computer, they may be asked to confirm that they trust the source of the file. If requested, this confirmation is specific to each anti-virus program.

The user should have been provided with a Licence Key when they downloaded the Sage 50 Connector. They should enter this in to the Licence Key box and then click Next.


Licence key and company ID

The user's licence key is their Codat company ID. If you're using Link, this is automatically shown to the user during the linking process.


If the licence key is valid, the connector will be installed; this will take a few moments to complete.

The user will see an error if the licence key is not valid.


Once the installation is complete, the user will be taken to the Sage 50 Connector's configuration screen.

Configure the Sage 50 connector and perform the first sync

The connector will start automatically once the installation is complete.


Select the name of the company to link with. Once selected the 'Data Directory' field will automatically be populated with the file path where the company data file can be found in the user's system.


Alternatively - you can manually enter the data directory file path. When this is done, any previously selected companies in the Company Name drop down will be cleared. Tip: If you wish to sync demo data you can enter the path manually as below.



I can't see the company in the Company Name list?

If a company has been created in Sage 50 since installing the Sage 50 connector and viewing the above main link screen, then select the refresh symbol to the right of the Company name drop down. Then when you next open the drop down you will see the company as an option in the drop down list

Enter the Sage 50 username and password in to the boxes provided. Note - if your product requires pushing data to Sage 50 the user should create a separate user login in Sage 50, to be solely used by the Sage 50 Connector to prevent concurrent access issues. For more info see Pushing Data to Sage 50 .

The username and password entered should be for a Sage 50 user account with permission to read all the data you plan to synchronise.

Once the Sage 50 information has been entered, the user should click Link company and perform sync to link their Sage 50 company and begin synchronising their data.


If the user enters an incorrect Username, Password or Data Directory the connector will show them an error message.

Given a valid company has been selected and valid credentials entered, then a confirmation dialog will be displayed giving helpful information on the company that is about to be linked. Displayed information includes:

  • Full company name
  • File location in the user's system (Data Directory)
  • Last transaction date
  • Total transactions in the company file

This is to ensure the correct company data is being synced, and to prevent the wrong company data from every being processed.


Data file not updated in over two weeks?

If the company data file has not been updated within the last two weeks then an extra warning will show on the confirmation dialog. This reads 'You are about to link to a file that has not been updated in over 2 weeks. Are you sure?'

This acts as an extra safeguard as prolonged inactivity can be an indicator of the wrong data file being selected, as below.


Click 'Confirm' if this is the correct file to link.

The initial synchronisation will take several minutes to complete, although larger Sage 50 files (i.e. files with a high number of transactions) may take up to half an hour.

The green progress bar will give an indication of how much of the sync has completed.


When the initial synchronisation has completed, the user will see a message confirming this.

Once the user clicks OK on this message (or close the message box), the connector will either (depending on the configuration as documented here:

  1. Run in the background and automatically synchronise data when new datasets are queued
  2. Uninstall itself once the initial one-time sync is complete

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