Your customers can connect their financial accounts in minutes using Link, your pre-built conversion-optimized and white-labelled SMB auth journey. You can embed Link directly in your app or even grab the URL for Link in our Portal to e-mail it to a customer.


Link Demo

Try our demo app to see Link in action. The app allows you to set up a company and link sample data.

Why Link?

Thousands of small businesses around the world use Link to connect their accounts to a variety of different providers to harness the power of our single API for small business data. Link is the proven route to ensure connection success, with Codat constantly bringing new features that increase the chance of connection so you don't have to.

Link allows your customers to share their data with confidence, in the easiest way possible. To guide your customers through the connection process, clearly show their progress, and ensure they understand exactly what is being shared at each step, we recommend using Link.

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