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Definition of a linked company

A company which has a data synchronization in a given time period.

See synchronizing Data for a definition of a data synchronization.

Codat requires authorization from the Company sharing their data to establish a connection to the financial data source, before data can be retrieved or inserted.

Codat handles the technical element of the authorization flow, removing the need for in-house development of managing OAuth connections, token refresh etc.

Codat clients have two options for the user experience their customers will follow to authorize the sharing of their financial data:

  1. Clients can use Link which does not require technical development; or
  2. Clients can implement their own front-end user journey powered by the Codat API.


Embedded iFrames

Note - it is not possible to embed neither Link nor individual platform authorization pages within an iFrame.

Using the Codat API

Develop your own user journey within your application, to your exact specification, powered by Codat API.

A company must have a data connection to one of the sources that Codat support before they can sync data via Codat. The connection will include a linkUrl that allows the company to authorize the connection and data to be synchronised.

  1. Create the data connection:
    a. Make a request to the Create connection endpoint.
    b. Use the All integrations endpoint to find your platform key. Filter by integrationType to limit to only 'Accounting' or 'Banking' data types.
    c. In your request, use the platform key value only. For example, "xero" rather than {"platformKey": Xero}.
  2. Redirect the user to the linkUrl to authorize the connection.
  3. When the authorization is complete, the user is returned to the configured redirect page.

Codat Link

Link is a front-end interface powered by the Codat API which guides end users through the process of linking their financial accounts. Link removes the need for Codat clients to implement their own front-end UX for the linking process and can be included as part of an existing customer journey.

Link is customizable, allowing you to set your own logo, color scheme, contact details, and text. In the Codat Portal, you can set up custom variables and a re-direct page a user is returned to when authorization is complete.


Link completion

The Link completion screens displays:

  • after the user has authorized consent to link for online integrations
  • after the company info dataset has completed for offline integrations

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