Mollie integration reference

Things to know when pulling data from Mollie

Note the following information when building your application using Codat's Mollie integration.


Disputes are mapped from the Mollie chargebacks API. The dispute status is not available for chargebacks retrieved from Mollie.


Chargebacks in Mollie

In Mollie, a chargeback is a payment reversal issued to a customer who raised a dispute about a payment or order. For more information, see What are chargebacks? in the Mollie knowledge base.


When pulling orders from Mollie, line items of type shipping_fee and surcharge are shown as service charges in Codat (indicated in the Orders.serviceCharges field).


Transactions include Mollie settlements, which are indicated in Codat with the transaction type of Payout. They are retrieved from the Mollie settlements API.


Settlements in Mollie

In Mollie, settlements are monies paid from a company’s Mollie balance to their own bank account. They show the included payments and any deductions for refunds, chargebacks, and so on.

Field coverage for supported data types

Codat's data model supports a wide range of fields within each data type.

Sometimes a provider's API does not grant access to a field that exists in a Codat data type. Conversely, our data model sometimes does not support all the relevant fields on an object in a provider's API.

The following table highlights selected fields that are not available in data pulled from Mollie.

Unavailable Codat fields

Mollie record and field

Codat data type




The transaction status in Codat does not reflect open or pending settlements in Mollie.




Only the creditcard and paypal payment methods are reflected in Codat. All other payment methods are shown as Custom.