Overview of Link features

Link allows you to white-label the authorization process. The below customizations are currently available:

Primary color
Set up your brand primary color — the core color that helps people recognize your brand. This is used to color links, buttons and icons.

Invite company page
Customize the page where your customers are taken to provide their company name and start the linking process once they have received a link URL from you.

Landing page
If enabled, your customers will be informed of the value of linking as they begin the linking process; the content of the page is customizable.

Help and support
Customize your help and support messages that are displayed throughout Link.

Data security
Provide a link to your data security policy.

Data access consent
This is a mandatory field where you need to specify the message you'd like to display to companies when they're sharing data with you.
Optionally, you can add a message and a URL for terms and conditions you'd like your clients to read before they share their data with you.

Terms and conditions
Specify the message you'd like to display to companies if you have specific terms and conditions you'd like them to view prior to linking.

Exit confirmation dialog
Customize the message your customers will see if they cancel before completing the linking process.

Select which platform types (accounting, banking, commerce) you'd like customers connect and let them know what kind of data you will access once they have connected.


You will need to ensure you have set up integrations for the platform types you select

For example, you will need to set up one or more Accounting integrations, before enabling the 'Accounting' platform type for Link, in your Link settings.

If you do not set up at least one integration of each type that is enabled for Link, the Link UI will display a blank 'select your platform' page when Companies attempt to link their data.

Redirect URL
Provide a website URL your customers will be redirected to after completing the Link flow using either Link or the API. Read more about how this can be configured in Authentication redirects.

Allowed redirect URLs
Define a custom list of allowed redirect hosts.

Allow your customers to restart the linking process for accounting platforms in case their first attempt to connect fails. The "Try again" button will appear on the error page.
Note: The possibility to restart the linking process for commerce and banking platforms is available by default.

Show sandbox integrations
Allow sandbox/test integrations in the link flow. Some integrations split their production and sandbox data into separate environments, each with their own unique credentials. Using QuickBooks Online as an example, enabling this feature would show options for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Sandbox in the link flow.
Note: Sandbox integrations will be available in the link flow by default.


You can override this behavior by appending the link.showSandboxIntegrations query parameter to the Link URL with a value of "true" or "false".

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