PayPal is an international online payment processing platform that handles credit card payments and charges on behalf of small businesses.

Use Codat’s API with PayPal to securely connect to, retrieve, and view your customers’ commerce transactions. The following data can be accessed with the Codat API:

  • Company info — details of a linked company, such as their address, phone number, and company registration.
  • Customers — details of customers who have placed orders with the company.
  • Disputes — details of all transactions that customers have challenged.
  • Payments — amounts reserved against the customer's funding source.
  • Transactions — details of all financial transactions recorded in the system.


Registration Requirements

This PayPal integration is built using PayPal’s XS2A API and is currently only available to organisations holding an AISP and/or PISP authorisation.

PayPal requires you to provide them with either an eIDAS QWAC or OBWAC (i.e. an open banking certification). Further information and registration instructions can be found here.

Currently, users outside of Europe require permission from PayPal to use this integration. Please contact a member of our Solutions team for more information.


Supported Versions

This integration supports global PayPal business accounts. Personal & Premier accounts are not included.


Time Limitations

Access granted by a merchant to access their PayPal data through PayPal’s X2SA API is valid for only 90 days.

Attempting to sync data after the 90 day period has lapsed will result in an Authentication Error (and the data connection becoming deauthorized)

To maintain a connection beyond 90 days, you will need to request that the merchant reauthorize the connection (this can be done at any time before or after the end of the 90 day period)

PayPal’s X2SA API only allows data to be pulled for the last 90 days and Codat will only be able to sync/store/return data for 90 days from the latest sync you perform.

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